3D Pen Quick Start Guide

Thanks for purchasing your 3D Doodling Pen, by Lay3r.  Please fully read these instructions before using your pen.  

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Your 3D Doodling Pen is not meant to be used by anyone under the age of 12.  Under no circumstances should the hot end (where the plastic is extruded) be touched while it is hot, on, or has been used in the last 30 minutes. Always use with adult supervision.  Ventilate room while in use.    Rest on  non-flammable surfaces.

Quick Start Guide

1) Plug the power adapter into the bottom of the Pen.
2) Plug power adapter into wall.
3) The Pen will warm up.  It will show a RED light white it is in warming mode.
4) When the Pen’s light turns BLUE you can insert approved 1.75mm ABS filament into the loading port.  Hold the LOAD button and insert the filament in until you feel it stop with resistance; loading into the gears.  If the filament does not have a flat cut end  you will need to cut the filament so that it is flat. (See example on next page)
5) Push the extrude button (closest to the nozzle) to extrude some filament.
6) It could take 15-30 seconds before the filament comes out of the nozzle.
7) DRAW!  
8) Your Pen will shut itself off after 15 minutes of no use.  It is important to never leave the Pen unattended.   Unplug when not in use!

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